039b. Sissy Bar Struts for 2004 Big Dog Ridgeback & Pit Bull


For 2004 Big Dogs Ridgeback and Pit Bull motorcycles. These beautiful and beefy sissy bars struts are designed and machined by Ginz Choppers. Machined from 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum, with machined sissy bar receivers designed to work with Ginz Choppers 11/16" diameter sissy bars. The tail light mount holes are located slightly more towards the rear than the OEM position, and requires the drilling of a new tail light mount hole on each side of the rear fender (all other strut mounting holes are in the same position as the mounting holes in the OEM struts). The old tail light mount holes are hidden behind the Ginz Choppers struts. By moving the tail light back, this provides for better positioning of the sissy bar and improved passenger comfort. Show quality chrome is our standard finish.

Note 1: All sissy bars and sissy bar struts are sold separately
Note 2: All parts finished in show quality chrome unless a different finish is selected
Note 3: Selected finish option for this page applies to the struts only
Note 4: These struts relocate the rear tail lights approx 1-1/2" towards the rear to provide for more passenger room
Note 5: Requires drilling new hole on each side of fender for light mount and wiring. New struts cover (hide) the old light mount holes.

Note 6: Requires removal of internal light board from light housing, unplugging the wire, rerouting the wire through the new hole, then reassembly.