130b2. Kuryakyn Rear LED Turn Signal Conversion


Kuryakyn LED rear turn signal conversion for HD bullet style turn signals. Super bright LED light with plug-in connector for run (see Note 1 and 2 below) and turn signal functions. Comes with built-in load equalizer. Available in gloss black or chrome bezels, and red or smoke lens.
Note 1: When rear turn signal operates only as a turn signal, select "single circuit." When rear turn signal light operates as a run, turn signal and brake, select the "dual circuit" option.
Note 2: When rear turn signal light operates only as a turn signal (single circuit), a module/converter is required to convert to run, turn signal and brake operation. Select "single circuit" when module/converter will be used.
Note 3: May be installed on other motorcycle makes and models, but may need minor modification.
Note 4: Available for immediate delivery

1. Select Bezel Finish
2. Select Lens Color
3. Select Run, Turn Signal and Brake Options
4. Select "Add to Cart"