045b. Replacement "Grade 8" Sissy Bar Bolts


Grade 8 sissy bar bolts, used to secure Ginz Choppers sissy bars into Ginz Choppers sissy bar mounts, or sissy bars for Big Dog with top-side strut receivers. Available in fine thread (7/16-20) or course thread (7/16-14) for Ginz, or coarse thread (3/8-16) to fit sissy bars for Big Dog. Available in chrome or black powder coat finish. Sold individually (one). 
IMPORTANT: Use thread locking fluid on all fasteners (available here), tighten to spec and allow to cure overnight, vibration free (do not start or run the bike). When thread locker is not used, the bolts WILL come loose, then either break or fall out. If you ever tighten or loosen a bolt that has cured thread locker, completely remove the bolt, clean all the threads, then perform thread locker fluid process as described above.

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